“eyeWander” proposes a new way to experience interactive video within VR.

Users can generate a personalised video feed by aggregating facts and topics, simply with the eyes, into a sharable playlist of content.

Watching and interacting in this way offers a unique and immersive journey through world changing projects from humanitarian aid agencies, demonstrating how interactive storytelling can enhance the public’s understanding of complex issues.

Installation and VR app

“eyeWander” is a VR project made out of 3 complementary parts: an artistic installation built around a VR headset, a standalone mobile VR app and a documentation website.

For begin 2018, we plan to bring the current mobile VR app prototype to a new level.
Beyond the local use within an artistic installation, the upcoming app will connect complex realities from our world to a personalised VR experience, that can be shared across the web.

A virtuous cycle allows users to become aware of humanitarian issues, and then to engage by sharing their own “wandering”, simply with their eyes, through the stories, facts and figures of our project…

This VR project will be presented to the public through different forms and use cases:

  • An artistic installation for festivals and events, starting in November 2017.
  • A standalone mobile VR app for Android & Samsung Gear (or any cardboard device), for begin of 2018.
  • A website for documentation and communication purposes, starting in September 2017.

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Team and support

The core project team is:

Vincent de Vevey. Interaction designer, Media Designer and Sound designer
Ulrich Fischer. Producer, entrepreneur and new media expert
David Hodgetts. Polyglot developer, specializes in interactive media projects.
Nicolas Goy. Web application, back-end developer with specific expertise in web video

Vincent De Vevey is the artistic director.
He conducts the interviews with the associations; records with 360° video, and handles postproduction. He is also in charge of the visual aspect of the motion design in the videos.

Ulrich Fischer produces the project with his company Memoways.
He assists and guides Vincent de Vevey on all conceptual, artistic, technical and aesthetic questions. As the producer he is in charge of the strategic and financial questions.

David Hodgetts works on the development of the VR installation which revolves around two software artifacts: a mobile VR app with custom mechanics to drive the projections in the installation mode.

Nicolas Goy is the developer of Memoways and develops the custom video player for the interactive video streams within the VR app, creates a bridge between Kura and the VR app and makes the webview and sharing mechanism. 


The development of the installation is made possible through a partnership with the City of Geneva.


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