History of the project

There are two specific origins for this original VR project: the practical master work “Fenêtres Associatives” created by Vincent de Vevey within the “Media Design” master of the HEAD, presented in June 2017 and the project Confusion.today produced by Bord Cadre Films & Memoways, which started in 2015 with fundings from Pro Helvetia and the City of Geneva.

First version of the installation, June 2017

Vincent de Vevey, at this moment (spring 2017) still student at the HEAD, was helped by Ulrich Fischer, his tutor, to create a VR / 360° video project for his practical master exam.
The thematic of this immersive video experience was to trigger curiosity and engage the viewer about international cooperation projects, while experimenting with new narrative concepts and immersive user experience using 360° VR video.

While working on the “Fenêtres Associatives” project, in April 2017, the Department for International Cooperation of the City of Geneva made contact to partner on the content, also with the goal to finance public presentation.

In August 2017, Memoways and the City of Geneva signed a partnership to produce a public version of the VR installation. With this funding, Memoways and Vincent de Vevey will develop an improved version of the prototype presented at the HEAD exam of June 2017, adding more content and features to the interactive installation.

Prototype of the Comet player

Since the public presentation early 2016 of the transmedia project Confusion.today, Ulrich Fischer and Memoways continued the development of the web based tool Kura, the independently developed back-end for this interactive video project.

The goal was to create a standalone product to empower any content producer to create interactive video projects like Confusion.today.

Integration of the Comet player in the Confusion.today website

After more than a year of development, in March 2017, Kura was ready as a Beta version. The back-end is now being used by several clients (institutions, schools), while we are still working on the front end video portal and player.

The project “eyeWander” is a new, complementary way to present and valorize the editorial work on selected videos made through Kura.

We firmly believe that with “eyeWander” we can demonstrate the initial Comet concept with the unique features of the Kura video editing platform, to leverage the content thematics in a way that expands the VR user experience with new interaction horizons: #personalexperience #valoriseyourtrace #organicnavigation #videofeeds #createyourplaylist #getengaged