Installation and VR app

“eyeWander” can be experienced as an interactive installation built around a VR headset, or as a standalone mobile VR app.

Get a feeling of the project and immerse yourself in following (non interactive) screenshots:


For mid 2018, we plan to bring our current prototype to a new level.
Beyond the local use within an artistic installation, the upcoming app will connect complex realities from our world to a personalised VR experience, that can be shared across the web.

A virtuous cycle allows users to become aware of humanitarian issues, and then to engage by sharing their own “wandering”, simply with their eyes, through the stories, facts and figures of our project…

This VR project will be presented to the public through different forms and use cases:

  • An artistic installation for festivals and events. Next festival: FIFDH in Geneva, March 9 to 18.
  • A standalone mobile VR app for Android & Samsung Gear (or any cardboard device), for mid 2018.

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