Mobile VR app

The first version of the mobile 360° video app is described within the installation page.

With the help of additional funding, we intend to bring the mobile VR app to the Play Store, thereby reaching a broader international audience.

We also wish to enhance the user experience with the following features:

Floating keywords in the main menu, linked with arrows to the main interviews and between themselves, presenting a graph of related thematics, places, or actions. When staring at a keyword, the application presents a playlist of content labeled with the selected keyword, as a chain of circular thumbnails. Selecting play will play one content after the other; it is possible to come back to the main menu at any moment. The creation, curation and updating of those keyword playlists is administered with the Kura web application.

• Keywords that dynamically appear as coloured capsules in the 360° video, linked to specific temporal segments of the interview. This part is the transposition of Memoways Comet concept to the VR / 360° video space. While listening to the interview, the user can turn around to discover more information in the 360° video; when looking a longer moment on an appearing keyword capsule, the capsule is “captured” and transformed into an icon going to the bottom right (or left) corner of the viewing field. Each additional keyword selection adds an icon to the existing ones, like a floating pearl necklace…

• At the end of the linear interview, a dialog proposes to either watch the generated playlist of content based on the selected keywords, or to store the playlist for later and come back to the main menu.

• Connexion to the Facebook / Google / Twitter account, to be able to save and share videos and playlists. The presentation of the shares
is made possible through a webview generated from the platform.