Video installation

In a darkened room, the public is immersed in floating video sequences surrounding an active spectator wearing a unique VR headset.
Through watching and interacting with the content in the VR headset, the active spectator, sitting on a swiveling chair in the middle of the room, triggers synchronised projections of video sequences on the floating screens around him/her.
The spectator is immersed with headphones to have the best audio quality for the interviews.

Through those screens, the public views the thematics and stories being presented to the active spectator in the VR headset: short video sequences superposed with relevant sentences, present places, people or situations, to create a thematic context.
The user with the VR headset can choose between several augmented narrative portraits of selected cooperation organisations.

The first version of the installation, presented at the HEAD jury Master exam in June 2017. This version was working without VR headset, with a VR prototype app made with WondaVR.

Each portrait is a 360° video with integrated interactive elements (videos, pictures, short sentences and data-visualisations), allowing to get more information or short stories linked to the main interview, just by looking a longer moment on specific interactive elements.
Once the 360° video interview is finished (lasting between 3 and 5 minutes), the user is invited to freely “dive” into additional material, to learn more about specific aspects.
In the dark, simply by directing the eye in a certain direction, video sequences are unveiled and come to life, like pointing a flash light in room without light.

In the installation room, short video loops, projected on the floating screens, are synchronised with the interactions of the VR user. The audience, while waiting to wear the VR headset, gets a glimpse of the topics and thematics, linked to the choices and the behaviour of the active user.

The user’s movement of the head controlles the playhead of the projected videos, so that the surrounding audience rapidly gets aware of the formal mechanic of the video projections.

The presentation of the installation at the FIFDH festival, March 2018, Geneva